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Bible Based DVD Learning Game

Containing over 500 questions, this DVD video encompasses the entire Book of Genesis, in question and Scripture-answer format, all in chronological order.

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Bible Based Quiz Books

Books of the Bible Quiz Series features your favorite books from the Bible, in complete question and Scripture-answer format. Never again become bored or overwhelmed while reading the Bible. Great for individual, one on one, or group study, this will help anyone not only read, but actually learn the Bible for themselves.

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Genesis Quiz Book | Matthew Quiz Book | Acts Quiz Book | Obadiah Quiz Book

Regeneration Translation  Bible Series

A completely updated version of the Holy Bible in plain English that has been carefully rejuvenated to modernize archaic numerology and words and phrases while maintaining the original character and integrity of the earlier translations.

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About Us

Upper Room Productions Inc. was founded by Tyra Buburuz on June 1st, 2012, with the sole mission of producing Bible based media products to encourage spiritual growth such as DVDs, books and online media.

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